Splendid 3 Days in Seville City Break Itinerary for First Timers

Seville (Sevilla in Spanish) in the southern region Andalucia in Spain is a colorful destination. A Seville city break is a perfect idea because of the mild climate, the colorful things to see and the food. I visited Seville twice and share my 3 days in Seville itinerary if you’ve never visited before!

Seville has so much to offer and I can image that you can spend more than a week in and around the city. But if you have little time or only visit on a short 3-day trip, then this itinerary is perfect to get to know the city a little bit better.

I paid for everything in full myself. I was not paid or sponsored. All my opinions and experiences are my own.

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3 Days in Seville Spain –
a splendid itinerary for first timers

Why a Seville City Break is perfect

Whether you’re based in Europe and look for a warm, interesting, and relaxing city break.

Or you visit Spain from overseas and you’re debating if you should include 2 or 3 days in Seville in your itinerary.

The answer is Seville!


I’ve traveled around Europe extensively and in my opinion, Seville has a lot to offer for people looking for a short city trip.

Some major draws of Seville:

  • Seville has a warm climate and is perfect for a warm city escape in colder months
  • Seville has a rich and full history, resulting in a fascinating architecture
  • The city has a lot of cultural sights to offer, to mention a few: food, flamenco, and fiestas!
  • Seville is easily accessible by plane from within Spain and the rest of Europe. Seville is connected via high-speed train with Madrid and Barcelona and other big cities in Andalusia, like Granada.
Spend 3 days in Seville Spain with my Seville City Break Itinerary for first time visitors. Find practical tips to have a splendid time in Sevilla.
A lovely sunny day in November when I visited Seville for 3 days

Seville Itinerary for First Timers

Planning a trip to a city you’ve never been to before can be confusing.

You’ll find an overload of information in your guidebook or online.

Or you just find a list of things to do in Seville and have no idea if they match your interests and how to organize them.

If you’re visiting Seville for the first time, I have a ready-to-use Seville itinerary for 3 days. It will include all the highlights, how much time you’ll need, what makes it a must-see in Seville, and I add things to do at night in Seville and practical tips and links.

3 Days in Seville

When you never visited before, it can be hard to decide how many days to spend in Seville.

In my personal opinion, 1 day in Seville is too short. In our 3 days itinerary, we explore Seville for two whole days, and because of the great day trips from Seville, we add a 3rd day to explore outside Seville.

Of course, this is just a guideline and depends on how many days in Seville you can plan. If Seville is part of a larger itinerary of Andalucia, please check out my 10-day Andalucia road trip itinerary.

Seville Itinerary: 3 days

I visited Seville 2 times now, once in November and once in October. Both time were extremely hot and it wasn’t even summer.

Due to her landlocked environment, Seville has a dry climate with excessive temperatures hitting 50 degrees Celsius (122F) in summer.

Seville, therefore, demands a slow and relaxed pace. Stay in the shade, adhere to siesta times and immerse yourself in the local drink culture to stay hydrated. I’ll share more practical summer heat tips here.

One Day in Seville for sightseeing

Our first day in Seville we’ll hit the major sights in the center. I imagine, this is what you came for to Seville so let’s dive right in.

In the main center of the city, the historic center is closed for traffic and the main sights are within walking distance of each other.

First order of business is the Alcazar of Seville.

Real Alcázar of Seville

The Alhambra in Granada deserves her fame but in my personal opinion, I feel the Alcázar of Seville can rival the Alhambra any other day of the week.

The Real Alcazar (as in royal, not real) is a Unesco World Heritage Site. It is the oldest palace still in use in Europe and gathered world fame for being one of the filming locations of Games of Thrones (5th season).

You might also recognize it from Lawrence of Arabia and Kingdom of Heaven.

Spend 3 days in Seville Spain with my Seville City Break Itinerary for first time visitors. Find practical tips to have a splendid time in Sevilla.
Amazing intricate details at the Alcazar

What to see at the Alcázar of Seville?

Wow, where do I even begin? A visit to the Alcazar can take up a big portion of your day or you rush through it. I recommend going as early in the morning as possible to avoid the crowds, long waiting lines, and tour groups if you visit by yourself.

Things not to miss on your visit are:

  • Puerta de Léon, this is the gate through which you’ll enter. Check out the defense walls and look for the lion holding a cross.
  • The courtyard of the maidens or the Patio de las Doncellas. Marvel at all the intricate details, floral ornaments, and rank columns. Follow the flow of light through the courtyard, along with the pool, and up to the ceiling. I’ll guarantee you’ll get a neck cramp trying to take in all the splendor and richness of details of the floor, walls, and ceilings of this patio at the Alcazar. I loved the Moorish patterns, natural trinkets, and colorful mosaics.
  • Ambassadors Reception Room. Make sure to visit upstairs and the different rooms. The most exuberant decorated one is the Ambassadors Reception Room (Salon de Embajadores). Try to catch the glimmer of gold between the royal blue and shades of patterns.
  • The Alcazar Gardens. Lush, green, and grand. Those words come to mind when I think of my time at the Alcazar Gardens. I wandered around through the thick lanes of green scrubs, underneath the oranges, and admired the view of the gardens and the Alcazar. It is hard to imagine that the Alcazar and the gardens are located right in the center of Seville as they form a perfect haven of tranquility.
  • Upper Royal Apartments at the Alcazar. Did you know the Alcazar is still in use when the Spanish Royal Family visits Seville? You can visit their private chambers! But, you must buy a separate ticket and you can only visit on allocated time slots. Sadly, I was not able to visit these during my visit, but they are well worth your time!

Practical Tips for visiting the Alcazar in Seville

The Alcazar is a popular tourist attraction in Seville and basically the must-do thing in Seville. But with all things that are popular, crowds can be annoying. And waiting in line is a waste of your time.

I advise buying your ticket to the Alcazar online in advance. This is a must-do when you also want to visit the Royal Apartments.

Come as early in the morning to enjoy the Alcazar with as few people as possible (it’s still going to be busy but I arrived at 8 am and didn’t have to wait long). You can stay as long as you want.

Click here to buy your skip-the-line Alcazar tickets with tour. More information about the Royal Apartment is here.

Looking for guided tours of the Alcazar? Good choice! Find the best selection of guided tours here.
Spend 3 days in Seville Spain with my Seville City Break Itinerary for first time visitors. Find practical tips to have a splendid time in Sevilla.
Courtyard at the Alcazar in Seville

Visit the Cathedral of Seville

I visited the Cathedral of Seville after a long siesta lunch and had to wait in line, in the blistering sun for over an hour.

How is it possible that a church is so popular and why should you visit it?

Some remarkable little factoids about the Cathedral of Seville:

  • Together with the Alcazar of Seville, it is a Unesco World Heritage Site
  • It is the 3rd-largest church in the world after the Basilica of Aparecida (Brasil) and St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. Its size includes the height of the Giralda Tower and the gardens. Although the size is debatable, it is still pretty big.
  • It is the largest Gothic Church in the world.
  • Seville Cathedral is the largest cathedral in the world (because the two aforementioned churches are not the seat of Bishops.)
  • The Royal Chapel holds the remains of a lineage of Spanish Royals
  • You will find the tomb of Christopher Columbus in the Cathedral of Seville
Spend 3 days in Seville Spain with my Seville City Break Itinerary for first time visitors. Find practical tips to have a splendid time in Sevilla.
View of the cathedral and the city of Seville.

What to see at Seville Cathedral?

My tip would be to walk around the Cathedral of Seville first. Now you know it is so big, you might want to take it all in.

Circumnavigate the church and admire the beautiful decorations of this Gothic Cathedral.

Once inside, walk along the nave and take in its length and height. Step back to marvel at the boxed-in choir and say hello to Christopher Columbus.

Stay inside the Cathedral but enjoy outside at the courtyard of the Oranges, a remainder of the Cathedral’s previous Muslim origin. Another great Muslim remainder, the minaret now converted into a bell tower can be ascended.

Giralda Bell Tower

The famous landmark of Seville is the original minaret of the Great Mosque of Al Andalus. Measuring 104 meters (342 ft.) in height, the Renaissance top offers striking views across Seville.

I was badly out of shape and took my time to climb it. Lucky for me, the road up the Bell Tower is wide and paved evenly. It does go up but unlike other spiral staircases in bell towers (like the one in Florence), the Giralda is more like a box with square ramps. Even for me, it was easy to ascend it.

(Legend has it, knights on horseback would climb the tower, that is why the path is wide and not too steep.)

To me, climbing the Bell Tower of Seville was a fun thing to do and the sweeping views were breathtaking. From the Bell Tower, you’ll also have a great view of the Cathedral of Seville, so you can take in its size. For more information on opening times and prices, click here.

Spend 3 days in Seville Spain with my Seville City Break Itinerary for first time visitors. Find practical tips to have a splendid time in Sevilla.
Gracious Giralda Bell Tower

Things to do in Seville at Night

Wow, that was already a day full of sightseeing. Luckily, all above-mentioned sites are in the center, so your feet are probably not that sore yet.

The night sets over Seville and the heavy heat retracts into the dark alleys of the city. You might get a bit hungry and wonder where is a nice place to eat? Well, here is my (not so secret) top tip for your first night in Seville:

Join a food tour of Seville!

Best Tapas in Seville

What better idea than to get all information from a local about the best tapas in Seville and food etiquette in Spain and Andalusia. All the while exploring the city, and enjoying the best mouth-watering little treats the city has to offer!

A food tour is perfect for that!

On my first evening in Seville, I joined a food tour with Devour Seville. I drank the first sip of my new favorite drink, indulged in rich tapas, and toured around the city to find the best fusion tapas in Seville.

Curious about what a food tour entails? Or want to follow my advice and book a tour straight ahead? Check out Devour Seville food tours here.

Spend 3 days in Seville Spain with my Seville City Break Itinerary for first time visitors. Find practical tips to have a splendid time in Sevilla.
Taste a little bit of everything on a food tour of Seville.

Best Flamenco in Seville

Maybe you don’t want to learn about food and get your tastebuds blown away by oxtail croquettes and vegan risotto pies. Or you’re looking for an alternative for another evening.

Then a Flamenco show is perfect to get to know Andalusia.

Andalusia is Flamenco.

This passionate dance is originated in the south. Each city will have its own steps and gestures, but Seville is a great place to soak up the sounds and movements of Flamenco.

Learn in the Museum of Flamenco or find the best Flamenco in Seville with one of the Flamenco shows or tours. Check out your options here.

2nd day in Seville

For your 2nd day in Seville, we’ll explore more of the city and leave the main heart of the city with the Alcazar and Cathedral behind.

Explore La Triana

La Triana is the neighborhood across the river. It is called a city within a city because this area still has its own heart and soul. I suggest you cross the river at the Isabel II bridge, also called Puente de Triana with the bright colored backed tiles.

You’ll find this tilework everywhere in Seville and the clay used for the tiles actually comes from the Guadalquivir river and processed in La Triana.

Exciting things to see and do in La Triana:

  • La Triana Food market. Not far from the bridge you’ll find fresh produce and haut cuisine tapas fusion cooking.
  • Capilla Virgen del Carmen, bright church with amazing colored mosaics
  • Walk along the Alfonso XIII channel towards the San Telmo bridge to soak in the ‘river’ side vibe.
  • Admire the lovely pastel-colored bell tower of Real Parroquia de Señora Santa Ana

Plaza d’España

From La Triana, we merge into Seville, pass the government of Seville, and onwards to the Plaza de Espana. I did this on a bike tour of Seville, but you can also walk or hire a bike.

The Plaza d’España is a public space that has become iconic to Spain. It was built for the 1929 World Convention by the architect Gonzalez.

The red brick with bright blue tiled architecture is exuberant in details, without becoming overwhelming. The symmetry of the complex is emphasized by one or two details that seem off but still reflect true beauty.

Take plenty of time for the Plaza de Espana, to take selfies and admire the great details of the tile work. You’ll find all kinds of locations and scenes depicted on the blue tile work. Make sure to enter some of the buildings as they are open for the public to take in the grandeur of the half-circled square from above. The Plaza de Espana was my favorite thing to do in Seville.

From here, Maria Luísa Park is near. Walk around the broad green lanes of quiet greenery and soak up the smell of fragrant orange trees. You can hardly imagine you’re in a busy city like Seville!

Spend 3 days in Seville Spain with my Seville City Break Itinerary for first time visitors. Find practical tips to have a splendid time in Sevilla.
Lovely Plaza d’Espana seen from one of the top balconies.

Walk around Seville

For the late afternoon, I recommend to just walk around. Go back to the center of the city and explore on foot. Look up the tall buildings and monuments.

Smell the orange trees, strike down for a drink in the afternoon sun or get lost in the Jewish quarter of Seville. Consider taking a walking tour to learn even more.

Sunset at Las Setas

For the evening, I recommend watching the sunset at Las Setas. This is the nickname for a set of wooden parasols. They resemble mushrooms, hence the Spanish name of “Setas” and you can find them at Plaza de la Encarnación in Seville.

Once a dodgy car park, the wooden structure now houses a museum, a market, a public meeting place, and an amazing viewing point on the top floor.

You can visit it free of charge, but to enter the top level, you’ll have to pay 3 euros. You’ll get amazing sunset views of Seville and a free drink! What better way to spend the evening than by watching the sunset over Seville while drinking a lovely glass of wine.

Spend 3 days in Seville Spain with my Seville City Break Itinerary for first time visitors. Find practical tips to have a splendid time in Sevilla.
Lovely sun set at Las Setas while enjoying the view of Seville.

Final of Three Days in Seville

In 2 days, we’ve covered quite some ground in Seville. Of course, you can stay in the city and explore more.

Visit more museums and churches, wander the streets, and hit a number of tapas bars.

However, one of my favorite things to do in Seville is actually located outside Seville. It makes for an excellent day trip from Seville. To give you more options, I list a few (half) day trips from Seville to choose from.

Day Trips from Seville

Of course, exploring Seville is super nice. After all, you came to Seville to see the city.

To balance things out, we’ll leave Seville and explore some of the amazing sights that surround Seville. Some of them are just a half-day trip away or a full-blown day. You can choose what appeals the most!

Personal recommendation: Roman Ruins of Italica near Seville

If you’re a frequent reader of my blog, you’ll know I’m crazy about Roman Ruins. If you’re new to Probe around the Globe, then I have a news flash: I love Roman history. My personal recommendation is, not surprisingly, the Roman Ruins of Italica just outside of Seville.

They are located 9 km/ 5,5 miles north of Seville in the modern town of Santiponce. You can easily reach it by bus, but as Italica is so big, most people hire a guide or join a tour from Seville.

At the Roman Ruins of Seville, you’ll walk through the “new town” with a gigantic Amphitheater. It could house over 25,000 spectators, while the city at the time only had 8,000 inhabitants.

But the main reward of your visit to Seville’s Roman ruins is the mosaics. Most of them are still in-situ with elaborate motives and details. The house of the Planetarium was my favorite, showing a picture book (name it “Facebook” if you like) of the Roman gods representing the planets and stars in the universe.

You can reach Italica on the M172 bus from Seville to Santiponce or you can book a (guided) tour here.

Spend 3 days in Seville Spain with my Seville City Break Itinerary for first time visitors. Find practical tips to have a splendid time in Sevilla.
Me, enjoying the Roman Ruins of Italica

Other options for Seville day trips:

Ok, maybe you’re not crazy about Roman Ruins. Or you’re looking to explore more of the region. Then I have some other alternatives here:

Day Trip to Carmona

Cute, small, and only 33 km (20 miles) from Seville, medieval Carmona shows you exactly what a small town can be like.

Climb the city walls and admire the view of the town and the Sierras in the distance. I walked around town and just enjoyed old men sit under the orange trees, powder my nose with a Torte Inglesa and soak up small village life.

You can take the M124 bus to Carmona or join a half-day guided tour from Seville.

Spend 3 days in Seville Spain with my Seville City Break Itinerary for first time visitors. Find practical tips to have a splendid time in Sevilla.
Lovely Carmona fortress

Day Trip to Cordoba

Many people who visit Andalusia or Spain, in general, want to see as much as possible in as little time. Famous but smaller city Cordoba is a great city to visit. With one of the only religious buildings in the world that is still a mosque and a church, Cordoba is truly unique.

The train from Seville to Cordoba only takes 45 minutes and you’ll have all day to explore the Great Mosque of Cordoba, the Roman bridge and the small streets of the Jewish quarter.

Read more about one day in Cordoba here.

Day Trip to Granada from Seville

Granada is the other big city in Andalusia and is home to the Alhambra.

This famous iconic landmark and Spanish top attraction deserve a bit more than just a day trip, but if you’re dead set on maximizing your time in Seville, you could take a day trip from Seville. I recommend booking your Alhambra ticket well in advance and even book a tour to Granada from Seville.

It won’t be enough, but when a day trip is all you can spare, it is better than nothing.

Visit Ronda from Seville

One of the most famous white villages of Andalusia (maybe even of Spain) is the ancient Ronda. This little town with her white-washed buildings sits atop a cliff. Connecting the “Old Town” with the “New Town” (which is still really old) is the iconic and picture-perfect Roman Bridge of Ronda.

You can get from Seville to Ronda by a 2,5-hour bus ride with multiple changes, a 3-hour train journey via Cordoba, or you can rent a car.

Take out all the worry, hop on a bus, and be guided through Andalusia on a tour is also an option. With this tour, you’ll see a bunch of my favorite Andalusia villages like Ronda, but also Zahara de la Sierra, Grazalema (and the national park!).

Spend 3 days in Seville Spain with my Seville City Break Itinerary for first time visitors. Find practical tips to have a splendid time in Sevilla.
The best view of Ronda and her lovely bridge

3 Days in Seville

Wow, this has been an epic 3 days in Seville! We’ve explored the center and visited one Unesco site after another. We gathered tips on Seville’s food culture on an evening food tour and explored the city by bike or foot and took a million pictures at the Plaza de Espana.

Finally, we explored more of Andalusia on a day trip from Seville! Are you excited about your 3 days in Seville? I know with my Seville city break itinerary, you’ll have a great time.

Spend 3 days in Seville Spain with my Seville City Break Itinerary for first time visitors. Find practical tips to have a splendid time in Sevilla.
The gorgeous gardens of the Alcazar always look lush and green.

How to get to Seville?

As you’re used by now, I offer some quick and practical tips to visit Seville in 3 days. First off, how to get there?

Seville Airport

Seville has her own airport. Sevilla Airport (SVQ) is located 35 minutes by bus from the center of Seville. It serves many different airports in Spain and major cities in Europe, like London, Paris, Amsterdam.

Connections with Madrid and Barcelona are very frequent. Find your flight to Seville here.

Train to Seville

If you’re flying in from overseas, or you travel around Spain by train, Seville is easily reached by train. The high-speed train from Madrid takes 2.5 hours to cover the more than 500 km (310 miles) to Seville.

The more than 1,000 km (620 miles) from Barcelona take a bit longer (5,5 hours by high-speed train via Madrid) but is still pretty fast.

Cities like Malaga, Granada, Cordoba and Jerez and Cadiz are easily connected with Seville too.

The best place to stay in Seville

Of course, when you’re staying for 3 days in Seville, you need a good, comfortable and central place to stay in Seville. I list a few options in different price ranges for you:

Best Hostels in Seville

Take your pick! Seville is full of cheap hostels and budget accommodation to sleep at.

  • Black Swan Hostel Seville. You’re a typical bunk bed hostel with shared facilities. But what I liked about this hostel was her location right in the center, female-only dorms, and each bed had its own closet. Book ahead as it fills up quickly!
  • Sevilla Kitsch Hostel Art, located close to the Alcázar gardens. This artsy hostel is full of vibrant creativeness. Check for prices here.
  • La Banda Rooftop Hostel Seville, it is all in the name! Excellent views from the rooftop. This might be considered a party hostel, but if that is your thing, check availability here.

Find more hostels in Seville here.

Spend 3 days in Seville Spain with my Seville City Break Itinerary for first time visitors. Find practical tips to have a splendid time in Sevilla.
Seville Cathedral at sun set

Best Boutique Hotels in Seville

Snugg, personal and small, a good boutique hotel makes you feel right at home, offers local expertise and it doesn’t break the bank. Perfect for a couples trip or a multi-generation trip to Seville.

  • Hotel Boutique Elvira Plaza Sevilla offers cute adorable Andalusian charm. This boutique hotel has modern rooms for a nice price (book ahead!)
  • The Palacio Pinello feels like a dream. Open courtyard interior with luxurious and delicate details in its interior. Find your price here.
  • Hotel Rey Alfonso X offers a rooftop swimming pool and grand views of Seville. Do I need to say more? How about a luxurious spacious double for less than 80€ a night. Check your dates and prices here.

Best Luxurious Hotels in Seville

Looking to whisk your lover away on their feet with a luxurious stay in Seville? Want to burn some cash and want the best of the best? Here is my top pick for the most luxurious hotels in Seville:

Hotel Alfonso XIII – A Luxury Collection Hotel

There is no doubt about it. This is THE luxury hotel of Seville. It even says so in the name, right? The Hotel Alfonso XIII feels more like a palace with exuberant Arabic arches and mosaic tiles. It is located right next door to the Alcazar. Check if they have a Deluxe King Suite available for you here.

Spend 3 days in Seville Spain with my Seville City Break Itinerary for first time visitors. Find practical tips to have a splendid time in Sevilla.
La Triana is a lovely area to stay in Seville

Seville City Break Itinerary for 3 days

I hope you’re now super excited to book your ticket to Seville, add in a hotel and follow my 3-day itinerary for Seville. I’m sure you won’t regret it if you like historic and diverse architecture, friendly and relaxed locals, and an abundance of good food and drinks. You’ll all find it in Seville.

When do you plan to take your city break to Seville? How many days do you have? Do you have anything to add to my Seville itinerary for 3 days? Let me know in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you.

Spend 3 days in Seville Spain with my Seville City Break Itinerary for first time visitors. Find practical tips to have a splendid time in Sevilla.
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