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Are you looking to expand your travel brand’s horizon and draw in a targeted audience of travelers for your destination or brand? Why not work with travel blogger Probe around the Globe?

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Work with me!

Naomi is a Dutch Travel Blogger. She writes practical travel stories that inspire independent travelers to see more in less time.

Probe around the Globe focuses on train travel and road trips in Europe and beyond with an interest in historic and culturally immersive tours and experiences.

Let’s work together!

What kind of Partnership with a travel blogger?

We can work together in a number of ways. Nothing is set in stone but some examples:

  • Promotion of your destination, I can promote your destination or area in a blog post to highlight the things to see and do. You can find examples of this in my blog about Switzerland, Jordan or Lebanon.
  • Brand or product reviews; this could be a hotel review, a public transport card or a travel product review. All my writing is experience-based.
  • Multi-channel social media promotions; I can promote your brand on some or all of my social media.
  • Advertisement & give-away; you can be featured in a sidebar advertisement banner or I can host a giveaway of one of your products to my readers.

Special offer: Mystery Shopper or Mystery Guest

Since 2003 I have worked as a mystery shopper. I have visited stores but also done reviews and assignments for tour agencies, airlines, hotels and car rentals. Of course, all companies want the 5-star rating on Tripadvisor but what if you have specific issues or want to evaluate a certain protocol? I can help with that!

We determine in advance what questions you want to be answered and I will be a guest to your company. I will stay anonymous and review your services, staff, and complaint handling in an elaborate report, that will remain confidential. For more details about my mystery guest services and rates. Please contact me.

The focus of Probe around the Globe

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The focus of my travel blog is my own travel experiences. My main goals are:

  • Adding Value; I give useful tips on destinations and lists to make travel planning easier.
  • Unique cultural experience; I like to learn about the places I visit and try to dig deeper into the destination.
  • Urban experiences for all ages; City hopping for singles, couples, and families.
  • Optimized travel planning; I want to make life easier for my readers and encourage them to plan their own travels.
  • Value for money; How to get the most bang for your buck?

Benefits to you!

So what do you get out of working with me? A lot!

  • Professional communication; All agreements are made in advance and outlined before our partnership. Delivery of my work as agreed and on time.
  • High-quality photography; I can provide you with high-quality photography which you can use for your own purposes too.
  • Expanded reach in the selected demographic target area; Draw in a specific target audience of travelers who are likely to become your customers in the future.
  • Evergreen content online; Optimised SEO that will remain current even after the passing of time.


So who is the selected demographic target area? Who are the readers of travel blog Probe around the Globe? As per July 2019, Probe around the Globe draws in:

  • 151 different nationalities
  • 26% of the readers are between 25 and 34 years old
  • 58% of the readers are female
  • 90% bounce rate
  • 1,16 clicks per average visit
  • 35.000 page views per month (recovering from Covid drop in traffic).

Social Media

As all travel bloggers, I also promote my content on several social media. Besides the readers on my blog, I can offer the following (per March 2023)

What to do next?

Are you excited to work with Probe around the Globe?

I can’t wait for your message! We can always discuss how we can work together and find a way that benefits your brand and my readers.

What do you have to do?

E-Mail me!

You can contact me via

If you want to think about working with me, you can always download my media kit and think about our partnership a bit more and contact me later. Download my media kit in .pdf format or click the image below.

Media Kit March 2023