Broad Haven to Solva Pembrokeshire Coast Path

In 2019 we walked the Pembrokeshire Coast Path from Amroth to St. Dogmaels. After a week of walking, we found ourselves in Broad Haven. From there, we walked to Solva. Read all about my experiences on this stretch of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path from Broad Haven to Solva and practical tips on how to arrange your walking day in Wales.

After I got ill on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, we had a full rest day in Broad Haven. We stayed at the lovely Anchor Guest House and I did absolutely nothing for the entire day. It was just what my body needed. On day 9, I was feeling slightly better and confident to walk from Broad Haven to Solva.

I was not paid or sponsored to write about my experiences. I paid for everything for my boyfriend and myself out of my own pocket.

This post does contain affiliate links to products and services I used and can recommend. If you decide to follow one of my links and purchase something, I’ll earn a small commission. This is at no extra cost to you.

Broad Haven to Solva – Walking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path Wales

Quick Facts and Data for walking from Broad Haven to Newgale

  • Date: Monday 3rd of June 
  • Start time: 9.30 am
  • Finish time: 4.00 pm
  • Distance walked: 11 km (7 miles). From Broad Haven to Solva it’s 18 km (11 miles)
  • Elevation gain: 258m elevation gain and 228m down-hill
  • Best resource: I highly recommend the Pembrokeshire Coast Path book by Manthorpe and McCrohan

Pembrokeshire Coast Path Day 9: Broad Haven to Newgale and Solva

Curious what the path looks like and my experiences walking from Broad Haven to Newgale and Solva? Check out this short video of our 9th day of walking to Solva from Broad Haven.

Leaving Broad Haven

We enjoyed the lovely breakfast at our B&B in Broad Haven one last time and saw the other walkers depart for Solva. Would we see them again on the trail? Or only at the end of the day in Solva? 

After 9 days of walking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path it became very apparent to us that we walked quite slow compared to other thru-hikers. But, everyone walks their own walk and so did we.

We left the broad sandy beach of Broad Haven behind and climbed a few meters which offered us amazing views of the area. Clouds drifted in, leaving mysterious shades on the water and the sand around us.

My experience hiking Broad Haven to Solva on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in Wales. Read practical tips for walking this part of the Wales Coast Path
Low tide at Broad Haven beach as we left this lovely piece of Pembrokeshire

Broad Haven to Newgale

Before we set out, I researched our ‘escape’ route for today. As I was still feeling quite weak, I checked the options of taking the bus to Solva. Before we left, I knew that Newgale would be a feasible goal for the day and we could take the bus there to Solva if needed.

Druidston on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path

After we left Broad Haven behind, and the daily dog-walkers vanished, we had the path all to ourselves. It was quite flat as we walked high on the cliffs and we could see big container ships out on the water. It was a bit of a weird sight. 

Here we were, out in nature, enjoying Wales’ coastal life and the silence and in the backdrop were these huge container vessels, symbols of the modern world and consumerism, just dropping anchor and laying dead in the water.

We passed the small hamlet of Druidston, which in my imagination sounds like Druïde. In the landscape, hidden behind the tall wavy grasses, you’ll find old kills that used to be operated for mining slate.

We passed the impressive, futuristic house-shaped live an oval Hobbit hole. I was a bit disappointed that the path doesn’t lead up to the house as I’d have liked to see it a bit closer.

My experience hiking Broad Haven to Solva on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in Wales. Read practical tips for walking this part of the Wales Coast Path
The path was quite easy on this stretch

Hiking Pembrokeshire Coast Path in video

What is it like to hike the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in Wales? We walked the full Coastal Path from Amroth to St.Dogmaels in springtime and I recorded a video of each hiking day. Check out a compilation of the best, the most beautiful, and the worst moments on the trail!

Find more videos about my travels on YouTube. Make sure to follow me to get a notification when I upload new videos.

Nolton Haven

We reached the paved road and passed some lovely houses that function as a B&B, like the Druidstone. We continued on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path and soon reached Nolton Haven and her beach.

Unfortunately, the Mariner’s Inn was closed for renovation at the time, so we had a little picnic on the beach. Luckily, some very well maintained facilities were here so I felt quite refreshed when we set out again.

There was a bus stop and the bus passed when we had our rest stop in Nolton Haven, but I felt quite ok, so we continued to Newgale.

Nolton Haven Beach is a lovely inlet and it was quite crowded with people enjoying the nice weather, walking the dog or searching for pebbles. 

Newgale Beach

Climbing out of Nolton Heaven was a kick in the gut for me. I had to catch my breath every few steps and I used the time to take in the views and take some photographs.

To be honest, the rest of the walk was quite uneventful. We climbed a few times and we went back to sea level. The grass was tall and waving in front of us. All in all, quite a nice day for a walk but I got tired regardless.

I was happy to see the long beach of Newgale and smelled the fat burning at the food truck at the beginning of the beach. It seemed we could cut the route and descend down to the beach, but the path seemed impassable so we walked a bit on the paved road before we reached the sandy beach.

The wind blew fiercely in our faces and I felt quite done for the day. In the distance, I could make out the steep hills of Cwn Mawr and Dinas-Fach, which looked like one of the typical Pembrokeshire Coastal Path rollercoaster rides: up and down and up again.

My experience hiking Broad Haven to Solva on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in Wales. Read practical tips for walking this part of the Wales Coast Path
The beach of Newgale and Solva in the far distance.

Bus from Newgale to Solva

At the end of the beach, we settled at the Duke of Edinburgh and contemplated our options for the day. The bus wouldn’t come for another 2 hours or so but I felt like walking onwards would be impossible. We ordered some fish and chips and enjoyed the warm and welcoming pub.

The bus 400 only runs 3 times a day, so we went outside to be sure not to miss it. We saw it in the distance and hailed the bus driver to stop for us.

Only 3 minutes on the warm and cozy bus, and we arrived in Solva! That was rather quick and we bypassed a lot of strenuous miles on the Newgale to Solva coastal path. 

Solva or St. Davids

If you got the legs for it than Broad Haven to Solva is a short walk. You can even continue from Solva to St. Davids which is quite easy going and straight forward. We decided to stop in Solva and sleep at the Cambrian Inn.

This small inn has really nicely furnished rooms, a Michelin star breakfast (at least it tasted like Michelin star to me) and a really nice dinner selection too.

The Cambrian Inn is on the pricier side of things but by far the best option in Solva. We had dinner elsewhere and we regretted it with gusto. Ugh. I wish we had dinner at the Cambrian Inn too. Check for room rates and availability at The Cambrian Inn here.

My experience hiking Broad Haven to Solva on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in Wales. Read practical tips for walking this part of the Wales Coast Path
The Pembrokeshire shore had quite some interesting features popping out from the water.

Walking from Broad Haven to Solva

Looking back, the Pembrokeshire coastal path from Broad Haven to Solva was a nice stretch of the path, with grassy slopes and cliffs. If you pay close attention, you’ll see historic remains of the mining industry in the landscape.

It did feel as if you could feel the lure of the bigger, almost cosmopolitan (for Pembrokeshire area) town of St. Davids. Some walkers we met on the path continued straight to St. Davids. We rather enjoyed the quiet town of Solva and the luxury of the Cambrian Inn.

Tips for walking from Broad Haven to Solva

Each stretch of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path is different so I try to provide you with practical tips for walking this part.

My tips:

  • The bus 400 is reliable but very infrequent. 3 times a day you can catch it, so be very aware of the bus schedule here. But if you catch it, it serves as a great link between the towns of Broad Haven, Nolton Haven, Newgale, and Solva.
  • Eat enough and bring enough water. From Broad Haven to Solva, you’ll not find any facilities for food or drinks besides Nolton Haven (closed at the time) and some options in Newgale. There are toilets and a water tap at Nolton Haven and Newgale. 
  • I made good use of my Life Straw Drink bottle. As my water bladder was empty at some point and I couldn’t easily refill it.
  • On this stretch, I didn’t really need my trekking poles. But I used them anyway. Once you’re used to walking with trekking poles, it is hard to leave them in your bag. I have the Black Diamond trekking poles with adjustable height which are super easy to bring with you on holiday. If you prefer the same trekking poles as me, but with cork handles, then check the Black Diamond Trail Ergo Poles here. My boyfriend uses the Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Z trekking poles which are 1 size but can be folded and are ultra-lightweight.
  • Take breaks to enjoy the view and to air your feet. A good stop would the bench in the grassland after Broad Haven, the beach at Nolton Haven and Newgale. We took a half-hour break at Nolton Haven, which was really beautiful and we had a good spot out of the wind to rest our feet. Take good care of them by changing your socks often, air them out and if necessary, take care of any blisters with Compeed Blister Cushions. I never go walking without it.

Where to stay in Solva?

The Cambrian Inn

As mentioned before, we stayed at the Cambrian Inn. Lovely, charming rooms with romantic decor and breakfast to die for. I ordered poached eggs in the morning and my boyfriend at the smoked salmon which was super fresh and delicious.

The Cambrian Inn is a more mid-end to high-end option in Solva, but to me, it was worth it. Check out rates and prices here.

My experience hiking Broad Haven to Solva on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in Wales. Read practical tips for walking this part of the Wales Coast Path
Our room at the Cambrian Inn in Solva

Other options for staying overnight in Solva

The Ship Inn is also another well-known option in Solva. At the time of our trip, they didn’t have any rooms available, but the pub was bustling with noise when we passed it in Solva. Check for their rates here.

For more Pembrokeshire Coast Path accommodations suggestions, check my guide here.

More Pembrokeshire Coast Path

This blog is part of my Pembrokeshire Coast Path series. I will write about my experiences hiking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. This was our 9th day of walking. Feel free to check out the other stretches below:

Are you planning to walk the Pembrokeshire Coast Path? Have you been to Solva or walked from Broad Haven to St. Davids? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.

In case you have any questions about walking from Broad Haven to Newgale and Solva, let me know!

My experience hiking Broad Haven to Solva on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in Wales. Read practical tips for walking this part of the Wales Coast Path
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