Prague Easter Markets- Celebrate Spring and Easter in Prague

I went to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic during the Easter weekend. I wanted to explore Prague and see Prague Easter Markets. It turned out the be a festive springtime feast that took over the whole city. Read my practical guide about the Prague Easter Market and how to visit them!

I paid for everything in full myself. I was not paid or sponsored. All my opinions and experiences are my own.

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Prague Easter Markets, showing Prague Old Town Square with the Easter Market decorations

Prague during Easter

Prague was on my wishlist for a long time. I heard raving stories about cheap beer, great culture, and the historic town center. As I loved Budapest, I was sure I’d love Prague.

But why didn’t I go there before? So, I decided to just go and check it out myself. I added an extra day to our long Easter weekend and this gave me 4 days to explore Prague and see the Easter market in Prague.

Are you looking for an excuse to visit Prague too? Easter is a great time! Just as much fun as during the Christmas markets, but with slightly better weather and more daylight.

Prague Old Town Square with Prague Easter Market decorations
Prague Old Town Square
Prague Old Town Square with Prague Easter Market booth in the foreground
View of the Old Town Square

Easter in Prague

The celebration of Easter in Prague is a mix of Christian traditions and the celebration of the arrival of springtime. Old Czech tradition will have boys chaise girls and ask them to bring them eggs.

This shows in the art of decorating eggs with colorful patterns over Easter, showing them in the window sill or hanging baskets with painted eggs.

Traditionally, the celebration of Easter in Prague is on Easter Monday (and not Sunday) but when you wish to visit Prague over Easter weekend, you’ll not notice a lot of these festivities.

Most traditions are upheld in the countryside, but you have to make local friends in Prague to witness the celebration of Easter in Prague in this form.

Display of items for sale at Prague Easter Markets
These sticks with ribbons are used for the Easter rituals
Decorated Easter Eggs for sale at Prague Easter Market
Huge Decorated Easter Eggs

Prague Easter Markets

The main draw to visit Prague during Easter and springtime is the Easter Markets. Similar to their bigger and more famous brother, the Christmas markets, the Prague Easter market is a real tourist attraction. Both local and foreign.

Wooden huts are grouped together at several squares in the city, displaying handcrafted items for sale. Like those colorful painted Easter eggs, glass stained items, and several leather items like bags and belts.

Another popular staple of the Prague Easter Markets is the food. If you’re a foodie and looking to explore the food culture of Prague, then the Easter markets are a real treat!

Beers, pretzels, and trdelník (pastry cones with stuffing) and over open fire roasted pigs and lamb. You won’t go hungry in Prague during Easter.

Ham turing on a spit at Prague Easter Markets
Mmmhhh.. delicious foods
Czech beer at Prague Easter Markets
Mmmhhh.. Czech beer

Prague Easter Markets 2022

In 2022, the Prague Easter markets are opened from April 2nd until April 24th, 2022. The stalls at the Easter market in Prague will also be open on Good Friday (April 15th), Easter Sunday (April 17th), and Easter Monday (April 18th).

Shops and restaurants, museums and other functions might have slightly adapted opening hours, so make sure to check before going to Prague.

Where to find the Easter Markets in Prague?

I had no idea where the Prague Easter Markets would be. When I went for my Easter weekend, I figured I’d just walk around town and stumble upon them automatically.

Although this does work very well, I was surprised to see so many stalls and shops at different little squares in Prague. This made walking around in Prague a real treat! The main Easter Markets in Prague will be at the following locations:

  • Old Town Square in Prague. This is probably the biggest Easter market in Prague. There is dancing, music and a lot of food and shops to browse around.
  • Wenceslas Square in the New Town
  • Republic Square and Havelské tržiště Market (Havels Market) are smaller ones
  • I found smaller Easter markets at Kampa Island and in front of Prague Castle too.

What to see at the Prague Easter Market?

What not to see? I loved all the colorful painted Easter eggs, they all looked so pretty and delicate. I admired the handmade jewelry and embroidery. And I shopped for a new leather bag.

In the end, I learned a lot about traditional Czech Republic culture by admiring their handmade glass-works, wooden toys, and lacework. All items not necessary what I wanted to buy and take home, but I do like some variation from the traditional “Czech this out” mug or hat that you’ll find in the souvenir shops.

But what made the Prague Easter Markets most enjoyable was the food! Yea, I’m not gonna lie.

To stay warm, have a hot cup of cocoa or spice things up with a splash of rum. But I did enjoy a nice Czech beer in the early Spring sun and put my teeth in a freshly made trdelník. What an art form to make these pastry cones and cook them over the open fire.

I had to wait a couple of hours for it to cook, but when the whole roasted ham was ready, I made sure to get myself some of that!

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Easter eggs hanging at the Prague Easter markets
All eggs are for sale.
Display of wooden Easter eggs at Prague Easter Markets
wooden Easter eggs

What else to do in Prague for Easter Weekend?

You don’t want to go to Prague and not see the rest of the city!? Right! Here are some short tips for other things to do in Prague (during Easter or not).

Need more things to do? Check these 30 things to do in Prague for first-time visitors or this elaborate 3-day Prague itinerary.

Dancing houses of Prague during my visit of Prague Easter Markets
Dancing houses of Prague
Display of beer bottles at Prague Beer museum during my visit at Prague Easter Markets
99 bottles of beer on the wall

What about the Prague weather in April or March?

To be honest, I was a bit worried about the Prague weather in April. As the Easter weekend is most likely to fall in March or April, this is a bit to take into account. Not as cold and harsh as the Christmas markets in December and January, but you definitely need to bring warm clothes for your spring trip to Prague too.

On the same afternoon, I sat on the terrace, enjoying my Prague Beer in the sunshine, while 1 hour later, I was trying to escape a hail storm.

It was windy, it rained, but I also got a sunburn from being outside and not putting on sun lotion. So prepare for it all.

Weather in March and April in Prague can be unpredictable, so bring a warm coat (preferably waterproof) and a hat and scarf. Also bring a bag when you browse the city, to stuff all your winter clothes when the sun comes out to plan.

Either way, don’t let the Spring weather stop you from visiting Prague for the Easter markets. You can always enjoy a hot drink or cold beer to change your inner temperature.

Tour group with umbrellas during Prague Easter Markets
What is the Prague weather in April like?
The Parliament gardens in Prague during my visit at Prague Easter Markets
The Parliament gardens

Quick visitor tips for Prague Easter Markets

  • Bring cash, most merchants don’t accept cards and a small purchase is better paid for in local Krona.
  • Prepare yourself for crowds. Prague during the Easter Weekend is very popular, both for locals as for foreigners.
  • But Prague has many lesser-known areas. Don’t be afraid to stray away from the main draw of the Old Town and the Charles Bridge. Wander off, explore and enjoy!
  • Book ahead! Why? See above reasons, things get crowded!
People dancing in traditional clothes at Prague Easter Market at Prague's Old Town Square
Dance and Performances at Old Town Square
Easter decoration at old town square in Prague for Prague Easter Markets
Celebrate Spring in Prague

Where to stay when you visit the Prague Easter Markets?

As mentioned above, it’s wise to book ahead. Prague is very popular and the Easter weekend in Prague is no exception. Check some options on places to stay in Prague below:

Budget hostels in Prague:

  • I stayed at Hostel Kaiser for 3 nights. Although not fantastic, the place was clean and cheap. All you need for a hostel. The location was also great. Not too central to have too much noise, but close enough to walk everywhere. See if they still have a dorm available for you via this link.
  • Little Quarter Hostel is located near the Prague palace grounds. This is on the other side of the river, but the place looked amazing. I waited for a little too long otherwise, I’d definitely wanted to stay here. Check its location and availability here.

Middle Range Hotels in Prague:

  • I looked for a local place to have dinner and a beer one night and I found this place close to my hostel. I learned they also have rooms, the name of the U Medvidku- Brewery Hotel says it all: a hotel in the brewery! Rooms might look a bit outdated, but a bit of old-world charm when you visit Prague doesn’t hurt anyone. See for prices here.
  • If you’re looking more for sleek design and a modern, romantic touch, the Salvator Boutique Hotel might be more your thing. Breakfast is included! Check for prices here.
View on Prague Castle during my visit to the Prague Easter Markets
View on Prague Castle
The astronomical clock in Prague during my visit to Prague Easter Market
The astronomical clock

Luxury Hotels in Prague:

  • The Gigantic Anenska Penthouse Apartments only have a luxury apartment and a penthouse apartment but they look incredible. The lighting is perfect in each loft and they just ooze luxury and have a sense of home. A home away from home in Prague, check for availability here.
  • Old world charm anyone? Then the Alchymist Prague Castle Suites might be right up your alley. Close to the palace grounds, these suites cater to your every need when it comes to old-world luxury mixed with modern amenities. Don’t believe me? Check out the link to see the rooms here.

Visit Prague in Spring

I think everyone should visit Prague. The city has so much history and many cultural aspects, waiting to explore. So why not visit it during Springtime?

The Easter Market in Prague is a perfect excuse to plan a trip out there!

Have you ever been to Prague Easter Markets? Did you buy any Easter eggs? Let me know in the comment section below!

Easter Eggs at Prague Easter Market, showing overlay text Practical tips for visiting Prague Easter Markets
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  3. No matter when you go, Prague is a beautiful city! I never knew they did an Easter market, which strikes me as a great improvement over a Christmas market just because the weather is better for spending time outdoors.

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