Romantic Valentine’s Day Destinations in Europe

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you might consider taking your loved one for a nice romantic Valentine’s Day weekend. It’s easy and fun to give a weekend away as a gift, as you could read in my previous blog. But where to go? Here is a list of the top 5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Destinations in Europe.

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Planning a nice romantic Valentine's Day weekend away? But where to go? Here is a list of the top 5 Romantic Valentine's Day Destinations in Europe.

No 1: Paris, city of love

Paris must be the top 1 on any list of romantic Valentine’s Day destinations. The city is called the city of love or the city of lovers for a reason.

There is nothing as romantic as holding hands and walking along the Champs des Élysées with all the lights sparkling and dancing around.

Paris is the undoubtful number one on any top romantic Valentine's day destinations list. The city is called: the city of Love for a reason
Watching the Eiffel Tower at night with your loved one.. So romantic

You can climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower and look away over the whole of Paris. Or you just indulge yourself in strolling around the streets, holding hands, put up a love lock on the bridge, stopping for coffee, and eating croissants.

I don’t want to get your hopes up too high. But according to Jonathan Krywicki from Pitch and Woo, a company to help arrange the perfect wedding proposal, Paris is at the top of romantic Valentine’s Day destinations for popping the question.

Pop-pop.. Some ideas popping up in your head!

Looking for a romantic Valentine's Day Destination in Europe? I give you my top 5 of Romantic Valentine's Destinations in Europe for Romantic Couples
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No 2: Venice, city of bridges

Venice is slowly sinking and you can forget about strolling along the streets with your loved one for a romantic Valentine’s Day. However, Venice has so many other things. The thousands of bridges are connected and you can move around along the canals.

The number one thing to do for couples looking for a romantic Valentine’s Day destination, is to hop on a gondola. This small boat will take you safely through all the canals, showing you the city from the water front. You might snug up against your significant other, as you head of into the sun set.

Take a gonola ride for two into the sunset. Venice is in the top of romantic Valentine's day destinations in Europe
Take a gondola for two into the sunset.

Valentine’s Day is a good time to head to Venice. Carnival has just finished and the crowds will have thinned out. You might even have some snow in Venice which makes the whole experience even more unique.

Check out this page for more snow-covered images.

Romantic Valentine's day destinations in Europe, what is more romantic than snow in Venice. This unique feature can happen in February.
Snow in Venice

No 3: Verona, city of Romeo and Juliet

In my opinion, Italy is the top number one destination to go with your lover, so it’s no surprise that no #3 on the list of most romantic Valentine’s Day destinations is also in Italy.

Verona is where the famous play of Shakespeare set its stage. Although the love story of Romeo and Juliet didn’t end well for the two lovers in this life, the city is oozing with love. Walk along the old streets and visit Juliet’s home. And all your dreams may come true one day.

Looking for more things to do in Verona? Or find the most romantic hotels in Verona.

Verona is in the top 5 of Romantic Valentine's day destinations in Europe. Wander around the streets of fair Verona where Shaekspeare laid his play of Romeo and Juliet.
Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Verona with Verona in Love. Image by Verona in Love.

No 4: Vienna, the Imperial city

My mother made me watch the movies Sissi every year at Christmas. Her idea of romance was Romy Schneider falling in love with the great Emperor Franz Joseph. And I must admit, Sissi and the whole setting of the court in Vienna is just Imperial Romantic.

The reason for including it in my top romantic Valentine’s Day destinations is because of the horse and carriage. Of course, this can be fun with a friend or your mother, but what is more romantic than snuggling up against your lover under a blanket and let the horse haul you and the carriage through the snow?

Check out more reasons why you should experience winter in Vienna. You can watch the snowflakes fall and the silence settles in. You hold hands with the love of your life and know everything will be alright.

Take a ride in a horse drawn carriage is super romantic. That's why Vienna is in the top romantic Valentine's day destinations of Europe
Horse and carriage, top activity for couples

No 5: Lapland in winter

After all the cities, I conclude this top romantic Valentine’s Day destinations list with something different than a city. Although cities are great for a quick Valentine’s Day rendez-vous, you might want to head out to Lapland instead.

Lapland is covered in snow in February and you might freeze your butt off. But Lapland in winter is an amazing experience and what better thing to do in the ice hotel than to warm up against your Valentine under the blankets?

Or head out with the husky’s and as their paws briskly touch the snow and they pull you into their winter wonderland. You settle in the sleigh and let them take you away to the end of the earth. It doesn’t really matter where you’re going, because your lover is right there next to you.

Imerse yourself in winter wonderland with your lover in Lapland, one of the top romantic Valentine's destinations in Europe
Walk into the sunset and enjoy the Winter Wonderland together.

Romantic Valentine’s Day destinations: be together

So, you’ll have an amazing time together with your Valentine. But remember one thing, it doesn’t matter where you’re going for a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend.

Whether it’s Paris, Venice, Verona, Vienna, or Lapland as long as you’re together, everything will be magical. Every day of the year. In case you’re still looking for Valentine’s Day present, check out these ideas to surprise your Valentine.

Have you been anywhere special for Valentine’s Day? Which destination is at the top of your romantic Valentine’s Day destinations list? Please share your story with me in the comment section below.

Looking for a romantic Valentine's Day Destination in Europe? I give you my top 5 of Romantic Valentine's Destinations in Europe for Romantic Couples
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    Great list! I have just recently been to a romantic trip with my husband, we went to Warsaw in Poland. I didn’t expect much from it, but it turned out to be our most romantic vacation 🙂 The city is great, and there are tens romantic places to go to. The one that we enjoyed the most was an amazing, elegant restaurant in Mokotow called the Akademia. We have been there few times, and every time we loved both the atmosphere as well as the food in this restaurant. The trip was amazing, it felt like the second honeymoon 🙂

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