Dublin Winter Travel: will it snow in Dublin this year?

If you travel anywhere around Europe in winter, the question if you’ll see any snow, will be on your mind. Are you planning a trip to Dublin in winter? And are you not sure what type of weather to expect? Then this guide is for you, as we’ll cover the urgent topic of whether or not it will snow in Dublin, this year!

Ireland’s capital city of Dublin is a great place to visit in the winter for a city break. Or a starting point for your trip around Ireland and the UK. But it’s important to know what to expect in terms of weather.

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If you travel to Dublin this winter, you might wonder: will it snow in Dublin? I explain what to expect and how to make the best of your winter trip to Dublin
Dublin covered in a fresh coat of snow

Does it snow in Dublin? A Quick Overview

Yes, it does snow in Dublin!

But the city doesn’t get a lot of snowfall each year. You will probably find that it rains more in Dublin than it snows as Ireland is situated on the North Atlantic Ocean.

If you want to increase your chances of seeing snow on the streets of Dublin, plan your trip between November and February.

Just make sure you are packed for all weather for a trip to Ireland as you never know what it may throw at you. And if you are using a budget airline like Ryanair to get there, get a good cabin bag to avoid extra charges!

But if you really want a winter break full of snow, you are better off visiting somewhere else in Europe where snow is guaranteed, like Switzerland or Iceland.

Does it snow anywhere in Ireland?

You might think that because temperatures can get so low all over Ireland, there must be snow everywhere!

But, surprisingly, you’re more likely to experience rain than a white winter. On average, Ireland only experiences about 30 snow days throughout the year and it’s more common in mountain regions.

The Wicklow Mountains are one of the snowiest areas in Ireland and you might be lucky enough to see a flurry all through the year – not just in winter. You can find them just 30 km south of the city of Dublin, which makes for a great day trip if you love views, snow and hiking.

So if you’re looking for some snow action, head to the mountains!

If you travel to Dublin this winter, you can ask "will it snow in Dublin?" I explain what to expect on your winter trip to Dublin
Amazing view of the snow-covered Wicklow Mountains near Dublin

Which month does it usually snow in Dublin?

It’s usually in the winter months, from December to February you will find snow in Dublin.

Even though you can expect to find snowfall in these months, it’s not uncommon for Dubliners to wake up to a surprise dusting of snow any time of year!

So if you’re visiting Dublin and looking forward to a white Christmas or a winter wonderland, be sure to plan your trip for December-February to increase your chances of seeing snow.

How much snow does Dublin annually get?

The amount of snowfall in Dublin varies year-to-year.

Generally, there is very light snow that occurs during the winter months and is usually between 1 cm and 3 cm.

However, there will be times when Dublin is hit with a lot more snow, but this is rare.

Imagine waking up in the morning in your Dublin hotel room, and wondering why it is so quiet outside. You peep through the windows do discover a white wonderland in the streets of Dublin.

Head out quickly, because the snow might disappear soon. Or it can stick to the ground for a few hours when it is really cold outside.

What is sleet and should you get excited about it?

If it snows in Dublin, it could also be this messy, cold, wet snow, called sleet. It comes down as snow but as the temperatures of the ground are higher than freezing, it turns into these wet, cold snowflakes that melt or freeze to the ground.

This type of snow is called sleet and honestly, in my personal opinion, is a miserable, disappointing form of snow. It is wet, it is cold and the ground can become slippery quite quickly. You have to realize, that white fluffy snow is not a common occurrence in Dublin, and with the traffic in the streets, a white winter wonderland can soon transform into a wet, grey, icy world.

Is it rare for Dublin to experience snow?

Tourists wanting to visit Ireland in the winter often ask this question. And the answer is yes, snow in Dublin can be quite rare.

But most places that have their weather influenced by the North Atlantic Ocean will see snow at least once a year!

It isn’t unheard of for it to snow during the winter months, but usually, it does not stay on the ground for very long. When it does snow, it’s usually more of a light flurry than an actual winter wonderland.

So if you’re looking to experience a proper white Christmas, check out these amazing Christmas hotels to celebrate your holidays.

But even without the snowfall, Dublin is still a beautiful and scenic place well worth visiting in wintertime. Just make sure you have the European essentials packed for the best trip!

Will we have a White Christmas in Dublin?

Well, the weather in Dublin at Christmas is usually cold and rainy during December, so unfortunately it’s quite rare for snow to appear.

However, there have been some Christmas days when a few light snow showers have made an appearance so never say never!

It happened for the last time in 2011 so you might think it is about time again! Imagine all the twinkling lights reflected in the twirling snowflakes descending from the sky! It will be magical, especially during Christmas.

If you travel to Dublin this winter, you can ask "will it snow in Dublin?" I explain what to expect on your winter trip to Dublin
Rain or snow? The Temple Bar is always a good place to hide for the weather

What is winter like in Dublin?

Winter in Dublin is typically cold, windy, and damp! The days are short, the skies are grey and the city looks in a hurry.

The winter season usually begins around late November and continues until mid-March.

The temperatures can range from 9°- 2°C (48-35 °F) so you’ll definitely want to pack some warm layers!

Snowfall is rare but not uncommon, especially in areas away from the city center.

But do not let that put you off, because winter in Dublin is filled with amazing things to do like visiting the Christmas Markets, taking a tour of the Guinness Factory, and warming up with some live music at Temple Bar.

Whatever you decide to do this winter in Dublin, make sure to wrap up warm and enjoy all that Ireland has to offer.

If you travel to Dublin this winter, you can ask "will it snow in Dublin?" I explain what to expect on your winter trip to Dublin
The Guinness Store House in December

What should I pack for a winter trip to Dublin?

Dublin is a great place to visit no matter what time of year.

For a winter getaway, make sure to pack plenty of warm layers —think sweaters, coats, hats, gloves, and scarves.

It’s also important to bring a waterproof raincoat, shoes and a windproof umbrella.

Is there skiing in Dublin?

No, unfortunately, there is no skiing in Dublin.

Unless you want to visit an indoor ski center.

The best ski areas are located a few hours away in the Wicklow Mountains and other parts of Ireland.

One of the nearest and most popular Ski resorts to Dublin is Ski Centre Sandyford.

Is Dublin colder than London?

If you are trying to decide if you should book your next city break to London or Dublin, both are amazing!

But London is warmer than Dublin, but not by much. You will also find Dublin has a lot more rain due to its location.

Final thoughts: Will it be snowing in Dublin this year?

So, to answer the question of ‘Does it snow in Dublin?’, the short answer is yes! But will it be snowing in Dublin during your visit?

It is a bit hard to tell. In general, if there have been a few cold, below-freezing days and precipitation is in the forecast, it might snow. And you can experience a white fluffy world in Dublin.

Always make sure to check the accurate weather forecast before you travel to Dublin. And check before leaving the hotel because the weather might change during the day.

In case you do find Dublin covered in snow, make the most of it, as it might be gone soon! Either way, enjoy Dublin!