5 Reasons why I love travel with my mom

My mother is the most wonderful person in the world. She gave birth to me, wiped my baby bum, kissed the tears away when I hurt my knees and she was there when I needed her. As we get older, we might not need our mother as much as we did when we were growing up, but she is still the most important woman in our lives. When I traveled with my mother to France last year, I realized why I love it so much to travel with my mom!

Are you looking for some inspiration for a mother’s day gift? Why not give travel as a gift and take your mom on a trip. Here are my reasons why a multi-generation trip is always a good idea!

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Mothers are the most wonderful persons in the world and they make for great travel partners. Here are my 5 reasons why I love travel with my mom.

Why I love travel with my mom

As I am well aware other people might not be so lucky to have a good relationship with their mother or even have her in their lives, I am dedicating this post to my mom.  Mom, here are my reasons why I love to travel with you.

Mothers are the most wonderful persons in the world and they make for great travel partners. Here are my 5 reasons why I love travel with my mom.
Selfie at the Amalfi Coast in Italy

#1 My mom always loves everything

She does! Whenever I propose to go to Timbuktu or Paris, she loves the idea.

Shall we go to a museum or go for a hike? It doesn’t matter to her.

She is open-minded about all kinds of travel and destinations. She wants to please everyone but when I ask her what she really wants to do, she answers: It doesn’t matter to me, I love it all!

This makes planning a trip super easy, because I know my mom will be down for anything I throw at her, even a bike tour around Rome!

#2 My mom is curious about everything

Because she loves everything about travel, she wants to explore till the wee hours of the night. She always walks a mile further, there is always room for one more church in Rome to look at or have one more cup of coffee.

When I traveled to Nice with my mother, she saw a waterfall and she didn’t stop pushing me to look for it, until we found it at the Castle Hill in Nice.

My mom is not the kind of person who goes through travel guide books (like me). But when I do share some travel background or cultural history with her, she always wants to know more. “Tell me more about this king or that landmark, please”, she will say.

She is like a sponge and she wants to take it all in, resulting in me learning a thing or two more than I would when I travel solo.

Mothers are the most wonderful persons in the world and they make for great travel partners. Here are my 5 reasons why I love travel with my mom.
My mom at our most recent trip to France

#3. My mom appreciates travel more than anyone I know

My mother works really hard and deserves a break more often. If she goes on holiday, you’d think she wants to sleep in and relax a bit, but no, not my mom. She appreciates travel so much, she wants to enjoy it for the full 100%.

As I travel the world more and more and see more different places, I tend to get a bit blasé about the stuff I’ve already seen. Big church? Mwah.. I’ve seen bigger. Cute town..? Nah… Not as cute as the town in France from last year.

When I travel with my mom, her enthusiasm for all new things is contagious. Even the smallest village with the tiniest church, she will call lovely and she will want to see it up close.

This way, when I travel with my mom, I find some real hidden gems like on our day trip to Entrevaux in France. And, it makes me more aware of how beautiful the world is, you just have to want to see it.

Mothers are the most wonderful persons in the world and they make for great travel partners. Here are my 5 reasons why I love travel with my mom.
My mom enjoying the view

#4. My mom is easy to talk to

My mother can hold a conversation. It doesn’t matter about what subject or what time of the night it is, but my mom is the most ‘easy to talk’ to person. When I travel with my mother, we just stroll around a market and the conversations will flow freely. And they don’t stop either.

We once went to a Christmas Market in Germany by train and we started talking when we got on the train and only stopped when we returned home again after the day.

When I travel with my mother, it is a great way to catch up with each other and really have some deep conversations about life and stuff.

Mothers are the most wonderful persons in the world and they make for great travel partners. Here are my 5 reasons why I love travel with my mom.
It is hard to get a decent picture with the two of us as we always have to laugh so hard. No one can laugh as enthusiastic as my mom.

#5. My mom is the most patient photographer in the world

My mom is a patient person to begin with. Aren’t all moms? Well, mine is.

But she loves to take photographs and will snap as many pictures as needed to get that one shot right. She will have 101 do-overs of our selfie shots until they are absolutely perfect. I usually give up way before that and feel like: never mind, but she will try until it is perfect.

For me, this is a real plus because this means I get some pictures of me and my mom when we travel.

Mothers are the most wonderful persons in the world and they make for great travel partners. Here are my 5 reasons why I love travel with my mom.
Enjoying Rome together

Are you as fortunate as me to travel with your mother? Do you travel with your mom? Where do you want to take her for your next adventure? Share your stories in the comment section below!

Mothers are the most wonderful persons in the world and they make for great travel partners. Here are my 5 reasons why I love travel with my mom.
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  1. Your mum is cool!! You know what happens, generally because of the age difference travelling with Mom people think as boring. However, it’s nice – coz you see her and she sees you differently and you can do things together. Like seeing fishes in aquarium, eating nice food, shopping. Thing you see is that how ever possessive she is, she is very caring of you. Also it refreashing her mind and relationship and instills in Mom a sense of adventure which is so sweet to see. She gets more confidence, more happiness, and joy, a another side of her is brought on. It’s nice, it’s good to travel with your Mom, parents, family just to spend good times with them and make memories. My Mom, is particular on everything, won’t walk much, prefers comfort, so I guess your Mom makes a great travel partner. But we learn to adjust, my Mom’s pocessiveness on me has reduced after travel, since she won’t walk much, she won’t mind if I go around on my own to explore the place while she waits outside patiently. it’s vice versa, I too let Mom explore and do what she wants without worrying that I left her one spot alone. It does lubricate one a bit, it’s nice feeling.

  2. I also try to travel with my mom at least once or twice every year, because it is binding and I get to spend a lot of time with her. She is always willing to walk a lot and get lost with me along the way because she feels safe and knows we can always find our way back. I do think that traveling with them is the least we can do 🙂

  3. Awe, you’re mother sounds amazing! My mom is super easy going as well, I think, she’s just so excited to be traveling with me that she’s happy to do whatever. Happy mothers day to your mom, I hope you two can keep traveling!

  4. Ellis

    I like to travel with my mother too and it has actually been my mother that inspired me to travel. She used to travel to the middle east when she was young and took me on a backpacking trip to Egypt when I was 14. I think now she is sometimes a bit worried when I go on my own, but she understands it very well. The best memories come from the trips I have done with my mother.

  5. What a beautiful and loving tribute to a wonderful lady! I hope, one day, my daughters speak as highly of me as you do of your mom. (And I hope they’ll travel with me like this, too!)

  6. This is such a great post 🙂 I feel like traveling with parents is something many young people avoid doing. I never traveled with my mother until last winter but not because I didn’t want to. Getting her visa even to visit me in Germany is quite difficult. But in January we went for a holiday to Poland and I loved it!! I really didn’t expect that it could go so well. Now I can’t wait to take her on the next holiday somewhere in Europe 🙂

  7. I absolutely adored this. My Brothers gets to travel a lot with my parents and I’m so jealous. I’d love to go take my mom somewhere, anywhere. I know she would love to see the tiny churches or little shops. reading this defiently has given me a new goal.

  8. Was a great pleasure to read your post and feel your passion about travelling and discovering other cultures. I am also pleased to see that you are a fan of turkey. Have you ever visited turkey? If you visited turkey please do share your experiences . Or let us what would you like to experience in turkey? All the best Sébastien.

    1. I love Turkey, all the 100 times I have been there. I’ve been to Istanbul, Cesme, Izmir, Bodrum, Marmaris, Kalkan, Alanya, Konya, Cappadocia and Ankara. I’d like to see the Nemrut Dagi mountains and more smalles places but I’ll come to Istanbul again in June. Thanks for your comment Sébastien.

  9. This post is so cute! Also, it made me miss my mum A LOT. Would love to get to have a weekend away with her! I must do that in the future. I also love traveling with my mum because she can drive which is great for visiting local spots that I´m just too lazy to take a train or bus to on my own 😉

  10. Such an interesting coincidence! I was just telling my mom a few nights ago that we should do a trip together. We haven’t travelled together since 2009, and now we live thousands of miles apart. It truly is a special gift to travel with our mothers! Lovely post!

  11. I know what you mean about working to find the waterfall at Castle Hill in Nice! It took me quite a while to find it, too. When I travel with my mother, it’s just for day trips around San Diego. Last year, we took the train from San Diego to San Juan Capistrano to see the old mission, have lunch, and do some browsing. Another day, we took a boat to Catalina Island for the day. She has health trips that make extensive travels with her difficult, but I do appreciate that we can spend the time together, nonetheless. Looks like you and your mother make great traveling partners! I’m trying to be that kind of traveling partner to my adult kids.

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