5 Fantastic Winter Day Trips from Dublin: Your Best Bets in Ireland

Ireland’s capital is a great place to visit year-round. From the busy summer months to the less busy but beautiful spring and fall, and even the chilly winters. In fact, if you are looking for the best deals and smaller crowds, winter just may be the best time to visit Dublin.

Of course, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind including choosing the best day trips for the season. So, if you are headed to Ireland during the low season, here are five of the best winter day trips from Dublin.

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Dublin is a great place to visit year round. If you'll travel to Ireland during low-season, here are five of the best winter day trips from Dublin

Day trips from Dublin that are perfect for the winter

Dublin is a great city to use as a base to explore Ireland, and there is no shortage of day trips that you can take from the capital.

However, while Dublin is great in the winter, the same does not apply to every Irish city. Many of the smaller Irish towns, such as Dingle, are very seasonal with many of the tourist attractions and businesses closing for the winter.

Another consideration you need to keep in mind is the hours of daylight.

Winter days are much shorter than summer, so a 14-hour tour up to Northern Ireland probably isn’t your best choice as you won’t really get to see or experience all of the stops.

With that in mind, the following choices are Ireland’s best places to visit in winter from Dublin.

Galway City

Located on the west coast of the country, Galway is a must-visit when in Ireland and a great pick for a winter day trip from Dublin.

Galway is known for having some of the best pubs in all of Ireland and being the perfect spot to experience Irish ‘craic’. Plus, it’s only about 2.5 hours by bus and the city itself is small enough to explore in one day.

Another perk to this day trip is that there are plenty of free things to do in Galway. And who doesn’t like free things?

Must-dos include:

  • The Long Walk (which you may recognize from the original ‘Galway Girl’ song),
  • Galway Cathedral
  • Galway Museum
  • Shop Street
  • The Latin Quarter
  • The pubs, of course!
  • Or go on a walking city tour with a local

Insider tip: For some great fish and chips head to McDonagh’s on Quay Street for lunch.

Book your day trip from Dublin to Galway (and Connemara) here.

Dublin is a great place to visit year round. If you'll travel to Ireland during low-season, here are five of the best winter day trips from Dublin
Even in winter, Galway is remarkably colourful

The Cliffs of Moher in Winter

The Cliffs of Moher are one of the most iconic landmarks in Ireland and, if you have a clear day, they are worth the day trip even in winter. You’re best to take a tour from Dublin rather than try to get there on your own (unless you plan on renting a car).

The information center is worth a visit; here you can learn about the history and watch a video of the cliffs from a bird’s eye view.

Plus, it’s an easy way to escape the chill of the winter damp for a little bit. Make sure you dress warmly as well and bring extra layers; it can get pretty windy and cold!

Insider tip: The Cliffs of Moher are the most visited natural attraction in Ireland which, yes, means crowds. Even in the winter months.

To escape the crowds, follow the trail either to the left or the right and walk away from the center area. You will still get the epic views, but they will be less impeded by fellow tourists.

Dublin is a great place to visit year round. If you'll travel to Ireland during low-season, here are five of the best winter day trips from Dublin
Winter View of the Cliffs of Moher

Blarney Castle & Cork

If you dream of fairytale castles, then Blarney Castle is one of the best winter day trips from Dublin. You can take the bus or train from Dublin to Cork then hop a local bus to Blarney Castle which is about twenty-five minutes away.

If you don’t have a fear of heights and dropping backward, then kissing the Blarney Stone is a must!

If that doesn’t sound like something you would enjoy, then you can still enjoy the castle and wander through the grounds.

Take some time to explore Cork as well. Compared to other cities in Ireland it doesn’t necessarily have a ton to see and do, however, the English Market is a definite must!

Insider Tip: If you are doing the trip on your own, leave as early as possible to get there ahead of the majority of the day trips. Blarney Castle can get pretty busy and you don’t want to waste your sunlight hours standing in line. Or you can book a tour to Blarney Castle from Dublin.

Dublin is a great place to visit year round. If you'll travel to Ireland during low-season, here are five of the best winter day trips from Dublin
Do you dare to hang upside down and kiss the stone?
Dublin is a great place to visit year round. If you'll travel to Ireland during low-season, here are five of the best winter day trips from Dublin
Lovely houses of Cork

Kilkenny Ireland day trip from Dublin

If you love medieval cities, crafts, and castles then Kilkenny is a great choice for a day trip from Dublin. This beautiful city is full of historical sites including the impressive Kilkenny Castle, the Black Abbey, and the picturesque Medieval Mile.

Kilkenny is also where you can find the Smithwick’s Brewery which offers great tours. If you like arts and crafts or are looking for some souvenirs, be sure to take a peek in the National Gallery and Kilkenny Design Centre. There are plenty of things to do in Kilkenny to keep you busy for the day.

Insider Tip: Kilkenny is easy to get to and explore on your own, but if you take a group tour from Dublin you will also get to add on Wicklow- one of the most beautiful areas of countryside in Ireland.

Dublin is a great place to visit year round. If you'll travel to Ireland during low-season, here are five of the best winter day trips from Dublin
Kilkenny Castle, a great day trip from Dublin


For those who are looking for a change of pace without having to go too far, or maybe are interested in half day trips rather than a full-day trip, then Howth is a great choice.

Howth is a fishing village just outside of Dublin City.

There’s a picturesque lighthouse, Howth Castle, and a local market as well.

Since it’s a fishing village there are some great seafood options here as well so make sure to stay for a meal. The Oar House Fish Restaurant is a favourite that is known for its incredibly fresh seafood dishes.

Inside Tip: Howth is a great day trip destination, even in the winter, however since a lot of its charm lies in the outdoors it’s best to save this day trip for a clear day. You probably don’t want to be hiking here in the pouring rain!

Final Tips for Winter Day Trips from Dublin

I already mentioned keeping in mind the hours of daylight. So leave early and make sure you have enough time at your destination.

Weather can be unpredictable in Ireland, especially in winter. Never leave your hotel or hostel without a good winter coat, an umbrella and some waterproof winter boots. You don’t want to be cold and wet on your day trip!

Dublin is a great winter destination. Sure, it might be colder and rainier but you have the added benefits of lower costs and fewer crowds both in Dublin itself, but also on your day trips from the city.

Have you been to Dublin in December? Or gone on any of these fantastic day trips from Dublin? Please share join the conversation and share your experiences in the comment section below.

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  1. Tara

    Im staying in a Dublin for a week in January and was super excited to rent a car and drive one day to cork, blarney castle, and the donkey sanctuary (and back to Dublin) and on another day drive to cliffs of moher and Galway (and back). I had made a post in an Ireland Facebook group asking about routes and every single person who commented told me that not only driving that far round trip wasn’t worth it, but that even the tours weren’t worth it, and I should stay the night there if I was going, especially in the winter. Now here I am looking for other day trip ideas from Dublin and both of those are in your article!? I had completely rules it out and was real sad about it, but now I may just go for it anyway..

    1. I think if you can stay overnight Tara, it would be much better. Remember, daylight hours are limited in winter and the weather can be a serious problem. It is a great trip, even in winter but it involves a lot of driving if you combine all these day trips together.

  2. Lydia Herlihy

    Yes, have done December in Dublin. Took train to Galway. Had sun, rain , hail all within the day. Also did day trips to fair in Dun Leoghaire which was small but fun walking around. Windy and cold though. Best part was just hoofing it around Dublin. The Castle has rows of lit trees and a merry go round and small fair in courtyard. Windows of stores on Grafton were beautiful, as well as Trinity College light show, and Powerscourt centre.

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  4. Sarah Pagliasotti

    Thanks for this great info, Naomi! Headed to Dublin for 5 days starting Late Feb., this will help us choose our adventures. Do you have a tour group you recommend? ~Sarah

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